Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

You simply choose your pricing plan and which markets you’d like to be notified about, and you’ll receive a text message when our market Predictive Analysis Program sets a Target. You’ll be given the Target Value, a window of time for the Target to fulfill and which direction the market will move. You’ll also be sent a text once the Target is fulfilled.

Which Exchange Do I Have to Use?

That’s the best part! You can use any exchange you wish! The Predictive Analysis Program simply provides you windows based on market calculations. This means you can keep your current exchange or try new ones with fewer fees. The choice is yours!

What Should I Chose to Trade?

The beauty is you can choose whatever peaks your interest. Our tools provide you with the convenience of not having to watch the markets if you don’t want to. Some users simply wait for a DING, watch the market to decide when to buy, then set a profit target. That’s it!

How Do I Trade These Windows?

You can choose to trade these windows however you wish. You will receive a text with a Target Value and a Time Frame. From there, you can use any method you wish on when to enter the trade and when to exit. Our algorithms hit the Target Value over 90% of the time. That means if you receive a DIP anchor with an 8-hour window, you can buy whenever you think the low of that window is and hold on until it goes back to the Target Value. It’s that simple.

How Does Your Algorithm Interpret the Market?

Every market, commodity, token, currency, etc., is different. We use many different tools for reading market pressures that have all been developed in-house to understand the individual markets. Each ETF, Token, Commodity, etc., is tested and retested before it is released to ensure that we can deliver what we say we’re delivering. This is not a one-size-fits-all. For this reason, the rollout of the PAPy you want may not be available yet, but please be patient, there are many more options coming soon!

Which Data Feeds Are You Using for The NQ and ES?

We use the E-mini Nasdaq Futures(NQ) and E-mini S&P 500 Futures(ES) from CME Group, which are derived directly from the Nasdaq-100 index and S&P 500 index, respectively.

Which Data Feeds Are You Using for Crypto?

All Crypto pairs available are coming directly from Binance.US.

How Do I Trade a DIP Target?

A “DIP” Target essentially means the market will drop “DIP” and rise back to the Target Value. This is the most straightforward Target as you can simply “buy the dip” and take profit when the market returns to the Target Value.

How Do I Trade a PEAK Target?

A “PEAK” Target essentially means the market will rise “PEAK” and then fall back to the Target Value. In some cases, users have the ability to “Short” an asset. When that’s not an option, you can do one of a few things:

  • 1. If you currently hold a position in that asset, you can sell some or all of your asset at the top, and then buy back in for cheaper when when the market returns.
  • 2. If the Target Time Frame is large enough, you can buy early as the market rises, and take a profit before it comes back down. THIS IS RISKY.

You can also margin trade using some exchanges that allow this. There is a lot more risk and information you need to understand in order to effectively “short” a stock or token. Our suggestion for most would be to use option 1 or 2.

Do You Offer Crypto?

Yes, we are currently offering BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD and ADAUSD. Upon request, we will offer additional coins and tokens. More will be rolled out, as we test and ensure that past and future performance will stay within our 93%+ success rate for our Targets. We only want to deliver information that works and helps you better read the markets.

Do You Offer Commodities?

Not Yet. This is coming soon.

Do You Offer Individual Stocks?

Not yet. This is coming soon.

What if I Lose Money?

The markets are inherently risky. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Our algorithms are consistently within the 90% – 96% mark over the long term, but please understand that this is still NOT 100%. There is always a risk of losing money. Trade cautiously and to protect yourself even further, have a good understanding of the markets you’re in and how stop losses, trailing stops, and profit targets work.

Why Am I Getting Target Alerts "Late"?

Our algorithm calculates the market for our Targets and qualifies a Target point minutes back in time. This allows our program to make better predictions, so you can take advantage.

**Not financial advice!**
All content provided is for informational purposes only and should never be taken as absolute trading or financial advise.

For more information on how to trade, please use tools within your chosen exchange and the plethora of knowledge throughout the web. Trading, like anything, takes time and experience; move slow, used disciplined investing, learn as much as you can.

About Us

With over 30 years of day trading and market research experience, as well as 6+ years of developing, testing and trading using in-house automated trading systems, Black Turtle has developed some of the most sophisticated market watching tools that have provided accurate market pressure following movement within short one-hour periods to longer 24-hour+ periods while continuing to develop tools to understand market pressure for longer and longer Time Frames.

Using our algorithms, we are able to read market pressure and movement to predict a 93% accuracy rate, a window in which the market will move and return to its Target Value.

Our team features our lead day trader and algorithm developer, Thomas, who has been day trading and developing trading algorithms for over 25 years, and Nick, a full-stack developer, who has created websites, apps, and platform tools for trading and testing throughout his career.


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